Silhouette tree lamp – Multi colour #2


Hand painted bottle lamp.

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Hand painted bottle lamp. Tall silhouette tree design. Multi colours
Height approx: 12.5 inches
Width/Diameter approx: 3 inches at widest.

One of a kind Hand painted bottle lamp. Painted by hand. No stencils, stickers or cut outs are used in this design. Non-toxic water-based textured paint is used to create a stained glass look.

NOTE: This lamp is battery operated. Lamp sits on a detached handmade wooden base with a battery operated light inset to light the lamp from below. Light has remote control. Select a colour or rotate through all colours. Base can accommodate a plug in lamp should you wish to change it in the future.

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 40.64 × 15.24 × 15.24 cm