Frequently Asked Questions


I do not have a physical store for showcasing my products. My products are showcased at approximately three annual shows for in-person shopping during the year.

However, my work is accessible the remainder of the time online through my own website, www.paintedlight.ca which features a comprehensive online shop.

I frequently update my social media with photos and videos of my products, but they tend to sell quickly so what is shown on my social pages may not be available. To see all currently available items, it’s best to check my website directly, if an item is in my website shop, and the “add to cart” button is shown, it is available to purchase.

My website store accepts credit and debit payments via Stripe, a secure online payment processor. However, for those who prefer eTransfer can be arranged with me directly prior to purchase.

Shipping is available worldwide, and for those in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, free local pickup is an option. For local pick up, I package the items and deliver them to a gift store in Cole Harbour, my designated collection point. Customers are notified when their order is ready and can pick up their order during the store’s regular hours without needing an appointment.



Each piece I make is a carefully handcrafted, original painting, requiring significant time and dedication. This intensive process limits my production capacity, allowing me to create only a certain number of pieces each year. Nothing I make can be mass produced.

Given these constraints and the individual artistic value of each item, I am unable to offer my work at traditional wholesale prices. My approach is to sell directly to the public, ensuring the integrity and value of each piece.

However, I understand the desire to feature unique, handcrafted items in your store. While I cannot provide a wholesale discount, you are welcome to purchase my pieces at the retail price listed and resell at a price you determine.


While you may purchase my work for resale, it’s essential that the integrity and original branding of my products are maintained. This means that my work cannot be rebranded or sold under a different name, and my name must remain associated with the products.


Each piece I make is a carefully handcrafted, original painting, requiring significant time and dedication. This intensive process limits my production capacity, allowing me to create only a certain number of pieces each year. Nothing I make can be mass produced. Considering the additional practical aspects like insurance for breakage or theft, a well as shipping logistics, I only sell my pieces directly to my customers. I find this direct approach more aligned with my business goals and the care I wish to maintain for my artwork, while also allowing me to maintain a personal connection with my audience.

The custom order process can be quite time consuming as it requires a lot of communication and design work before the painting can even begin. Therefore I only offer custom orders some of the time as my schedule permits. You can check my design suggestion page or contact me to find out when I may be able to create a custom piece for you.

  • Initial Consultation: The customer shares their desired design and the preferred size of the bottle.
  • Pricing Information: I provide the cost estimate for the project.
  • Deposit Requirement: To proceed, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. This covers the commencement of design work.
  • Design Mock-up and Specifications: I create and share a description and/or mock-up of the intended design, clarifying colors and other specifications.
  • Customer Approval: The customer must approve the design. Once agreed upon, changes may incur additional costs.
  • Commencement of Work: Upon design approval, the painting process begins.
  • Final Approval and Balance Payment: After completion, photos are sent to the customer for final approval. The remaining balance is then due.
  • Collection or Shipping: The project is ready for collection or shipping. Shipping fees, calculated based on size, weight, and destination, are separate from the design quote and must be paid along with the balance for the design before dispatch.
  • Third-Party Designs and Logos: If the design includes logos or images owned by third parties, I must receive written permission from the rights holder. The customer must arrange for permission to be provided prior to the design stage commencing. The customer is also responsible for providing a clear copy of any design element they wish to incorporate. Note that some designs may not be replicable due to painting method limitations. I am not able to incorporate any copyright or trademark elements without permission.
  • Timeline and Customer Responsiveness: Custom designs may take up to 4 weeks to complete after design approval. Timely response from the customer to design options and sign-offs is crucial for maintaining the project timeline.

Thank you for your interest in my custom lamps. I must clarify that I do not create lamps featuring licensed characters, trademarks, or copyrighted images. This includes popular cartoon characters, sports logos, and similar intellectual property.

While I understand there are makers who replicate such designs, it’s important to respect copyright laws and the rights of intellectual property owners. My commitment to legal and ethical practices means I choose not to take this risk, regardless of the practices of others. I appreciate your understanding.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with a large variety of paints to find what works best for me. I believe that part of the journey in any creative endeavor is discovering the tools and materials that resonate with you personally. As my choice of materials varies widely, I don’t specifically endorse any brands or products. I believe every artist has their own unique tastes and preferences.

If you’re asking because you’re inspired to create art in a style similar to mine I encourage you to explore and find the paints that best suit your style and needs. It’s your unique touch and practice that truly brings your art to life, not the paint you use. Happy painting and exploring!


The time required to paint each lamp can vary greatly, depending on factors like the size, design complexity, and notably, the weight of the bottle. Heavier bottles necessitate more frequent rest breaks to prevent strain on my wrist. This means I need to set them down more often during the painting process, which can extend the overall time needed.

Although I have attempted to track the time spent on individual lamps, the multi-layered process and varying nature of each piece make it challenging to provide a precise duration. However, I can assure you that even the smallest lamps take several hours to complete, while the larger ones, due to their complexity and weight, demand an even greater investment of time and effort.

Every lamp I make is a labor of love, requiring significant time and attention to detail to ensure the highest quality and uniqueness of each piece.

A complete section on my website is dedicated to order shipping and collection details. You can find it at https://paintedlight.ca/shipping-information/



A complete section on my website is dedicated to care instructions for your Randam Art items. You can find it at https://paintedlight.ca/care/

The Dragonfly's Garden Painted Bottle Light

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