Light Insertion Instructions

To minimize the chance of damage in shipping your hand painted bottle light is shipped without the lights inserted into the bottle. A free set of string lights are included, but wrapped separately. The lights were tested before being wrapped to ship with your bottle.

Light Installation: Simply unwrap the set of lights and gently unwind the wire string of lights to straighten them a little. Then take your painted bottle and hold it upside down with the back of the bottle facing toward you. Carefully insert the lights one bulb at a time into the hole in the back of the bottle.  Once you reach the end, stand the bottle upright. Place your lamp in your preferred location and enjoy!

TIP: Adding a smart plug to the outlet you plug your lamp into will allow you to switch your lamp on and off using a smart phone and also allow for you to schedule your lamp to turn on and off automatically if desired.

To Remove Lights: Remove slowly from the back of the bottle being careful not to pull hard on the lights. Gently pull out each bulb one at a time. (This is often easier if you hold the bottle upside down while removing the lights).

Per the instructions that accompany these lights – Do not leave light on unattended. Bottle may get warm with prolonged use especially in warm climates or used near heat sources. As with any light you should use caution. Do not plug in if cord becomes damaged. Replace lights if necessary.

We do not recommend string lights be used for children if left unattended.

If replacing the light string do not use more than 10 count incandescent or 20 count LED strings.